KMS Mchine Industrial Kitchen & Hotel Equipment

KMS Mchine Industrial Kitchen & Hotel Equipment Drying Brightening Hygiene Machines under the name established in 1974.
Kms  Machine activity area is the production of tool for wiping machines, spoons, forks, knife drying and polishing hygiene machines, dishwashing machines and glass washing machines
As the only company that manufactures 100% domestic, team wiping, plate wiping and glass wiping machines, we are serving you.
Kms Machine is keep a customer-oriented approach with projects developed by KMS in the branded quality level is always at the highest level. All investments in order to ensure balanced growth and by using its own resources. and when the project is committed to deliver quality.
Kms Machine will continue to sign new projects as an institution with ethical, transparent, natural and historical respect, quality and satisfaction oriented in line with its principles. Many of you are familiar with us, we are the indispensable princess for us quality service, quality products, customer satisfaction and a serious organization behind the work done.