KMS BR-300 Bardak Silme Makinası
Product Code: KMS BR-300
Production: The Machine is Produced from 304 Quality Stainless Steel.
Capacity: 300 Pieces / 1 Hour
Electric: 220 V 50 Hz.
Weight: 30 Kg.
Dimensions: 45x45x35 cm
Electricity Consumption: 0.7 KW / 1 Hour
Guarantee: Our Machines Have 2 Years Warranty and They are CE Documented.
  • 1000 W Heating Resistance is Used in the Machine.
  • Microfiber Brushes are Used in the Machine Which Provide Drying, Brightening and Hygiene.

Our BR-300 machine is designed to wipe an average of 300 cups of different sizes in one hour. Thanks to 5 special microfiber brushes, it does not leave dust and stains. Does not form bacteria. The brushes are dried with hot air system and do not cause moisture and odor. Thanks to its special washable microfiber brushes, it does not create bacteria and does not leave stains and dust. Thanks to the hot air system, the brushes are dried and dehumidified. Saves time and labor.

Our KMS BR-300 is designed for hotels, restaurants, restaurants and universities. It dries, polishes and hygienically prepares 300 cups in one hour. KMS BR-300 Glass Dryer Machine dries and polishes 300 glasses in one hour and makes it ready for service. Our completely manufactured machines eliminate this difficult and demanding process. Our KMS BR-300 model washes, dries and provides the highest level of hygiene.